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Jewelry and Accessories

Come and discover our many brands of Swiss, French, Italian and Greek jewellery. We have a wide selection of costume, gold- and silver-plated jewellery. We can also introduce you to fine gold and diamond jewellery. For every day, for a special occasion or for a gift... You're sure to find something you like among our different styles.

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Contemplation or “the application of the mind to see and observe certain realities”. Let yourself be inspired by life, the sounds of the city, the bursts of laughter, the magic of a starry sky, the warm rays of the sun, the poetry of a shore.

g by g likes to explore worlds and use trends, the multiple facets or the energy of precious stones.
gbyg jewelry is produced in small quantities to guarantee their originality and constant renewal .

At Baroque & Rococo you will find many wonderful creations, whether earrings, pendants or unique bracelets.

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Mimi draws most of her inspiration from memories of her childhood by the sea in Cannes. Each pearl is carefully chosen to strike the perfect balance between consistency, beauty & ... seallyness!


The different crystals and stones (jade, quartz, turquoise, malachite, opal, tiger's eye, sodalite, amazonite, aventurine and agate) are charged with beautiful energies. 


SeallyMimi loves to tell stories... chokers (mimi calls them turtlenecks), bracelets, glasses and mask chains; runways by the sea. seally mimi is funny, spontaneous and lovingly handmade in Switzerland.

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Pink Sand is a unique jewellery collection inspired by a love of the sea, the beach and travel. The jewellery is designed to evoke holidays, the sound of palm leaves in the wind, a cool drink in the bush or a walk on the beach in the Bahamas.


The creators of Pink Sand, Pascale Birchmeier and Christian Fässler, get their ideas from their countless journeys through Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and South Africa, as well as from natural beauties such as shells and plants. Their jewellery is created in Switzerland. They attach great importance to beautiful precious stones and their countless shades of colour. All the stones and materials used are of the highest quality, with the aim of creating a timeless piece of jewellery by hand. You can wear them one by one or combine several pieces.

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Driven by creative energy that is always green and renewed, the fairy waits for time to do its work. Waiting for the future of her princes and princesses to be assured and for their destiny to be, and then she will take flight. The ring, the perfect loop that links what was and what will be, like the wheel that turns and life that moves on. 

It's each person's turn to be born and to grow, to create so as not to disappear. To leave a trace, a memory, and to celebrate the alliances of existence. 


Rings, rings on the finger to exalt friendship, love, union and to magnify a break-up. The ring, the symbol, a message for all of life's celebrations. The rings that speak offer your precious message carried by the prestige of noble materials. 

"THE TALKING RINGS are more than just WORDS!

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Eden Presley was founded by Gwen Myers, who designs jewellery with a bold spirit. She fuses classic and traditional designs with modern and unusual elements, and pushes the boundaries of fine jewellery by combining precious and semi-precious materials. Eden Presley jewellery is a work of art and reflects a passion for elegance. At Eden Presley, they are based on a woman's desire to own jewellery that can be worn in all situations, whether casual and everyday or elegant and extraordinary.


Express your mantra with Eden Presley jewellery! 

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In 2010, Carmen launched her own jewellery collection "cédille". The name Cédille "ç" is a hook that accessorises the letter just like the pieces of jewellery accessorise a woman.  

Cédille collection are made exclusively of diamonds, pearls, precious stones, and 18ct gold in white, yellow and colour. These collections are marked by their craftsmanship and unique pieces, as well as being very refined and extremely well finished with plenty of elegance.​​​

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Ward off evil and stay protected with the Lito Amulet!

Each piece is individually hand painted, in a variety of colors, by Michael, a Russian iconographer, in a small village outside Moscow, enameled, wrapped in gold then adorned with precious stones. The fine details give the amulet a hyper real quality, the eye seems to constantly follow you and makes each piece one of a kind.

Lito's workshop is located in the heart of Athens, Greece, where she works closely with her team of carefully selected master artisans and artisans. Lito's jewelry is entirely handcrafted with each collection assigned to a master craftsman who ensures expert quality control.

Do not hesitate to contact our collaborators for a personalized presentation of these fabulous jewels

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At the heart of the brand's DNA is 'Shell Therapy', a unique experience that allows customers to capture the essence of summer and take it with them wherever they go, even in the depths of winter. 


In their Shell Lab, designer Roxane Peters creates pieces that have the power to revive your spirit, bring a little sunshine to your everyday life and make you feel like summer never ends. Although these are shell necklaces, they are carefully redesigned for use in urban environments, to help overcome the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Bairo is a young brand. The brand's designer has chosen to work mainly with chains, whether around the neck, hands or feet. She carefully designs each piece so that it can be worn for any occasion. The best way to wear this brand is by combining several types of chain to give a more impactful visual.    


Part of the sale price of each piece of Bairo jewellery will be donated to the Savong Organization Cambodia. This charity supports families and children in need around the town of Siam Reap.

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Céleste Mogador is the pseudonym of Élisabeth-Céleste Vénard, the famous 19th-century French cancan dancer. She was born in Paris on 27 December 1824.


It was this quirky, spectacular character and the sound of the name Céleste Mogador that attracted designer Pascale Nivet Bernetiere.

Pascale likes to mix styles, often inspired by colourful pieces: the clothing designs of the Sami and Inca peoples, Chinese masks... all childhood memories, nourished by traditional arts festivals, shows and books.

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"Because we're tired of seeing people wearing the same jewellery, the same outfits, and coming across an army of clones on the streets. We think the world is in dire need of creativity and personality. 


Born of a love of jewellery, haute couture and pop culture, Mouchkine mixes codes to offer exceptional creations that include brooches, necklaces, cuffs and earrings.


Baroque & Rococo offers a wide range of unique items. Let yourself be tempted.

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Princess Margherita of Savoy

Royal Palace of Venaria


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