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Diffuseurs Ortigia
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Our Concept

Baroque & Rococo was created in 2018, with the opening of a first store in Nyon. The founder's idea was to share decorating ideas and “favorite” objects with as many people as possible.

A family business, the adventure continued with the opening of stores in Geneva and Lausanne.

Thanks to our very particular environments, mixing styles and origins, each store presents a different DNA, while maintaining coherence in an abundance of objects that make Baroque & Rococo.

The environments change with the seasons with new objects and new decors, depending on our favorites.  Our objects come from almost everywhere on the planet, but we are committed to sourcing primarily in Europe (perfumes, jewelry, etc.) and in Switzerland when possible. On the other hand, we decided to highlight as many handcrafted objects as possible, made by people with whom we have good friendly relations.

Our stores are designed to take the visitor on a journey and allow everyone, private or business, to add a unique touch for the greatest pleasure of their guests, friends or customers.

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