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Our Furniture

Alongside the many decorative objects, we offer very beautiful pieces of furniture that will certainly enrich your interior. The finishes of our furniture can be adapted to your tastes, thanks to a wide range of fabrics offered by our partners.

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The EPOQUE brand, a family business located in Puglia, presents a young and chic collection, very colorful.

The company is able to produce classically inspired solutions, also using fabrics such as perforated, damask and velvet, whose colors and patterns are constantly updated according to the latest fashion trends.

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With a wide range of furniture and decorative objects made in Italy, mainly produced by local artisans. Abhika offers solutions for exclusive and refined interiors.

In addition to creating and enriching your environments, Abhika allows you to modify the measurements of a large part of their furniture and lighting collection, changing materials, colors and finishes to customize your choice and add your style.

Marie Martin furniture, available at Baroque and Rococo
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Mary Martin

Marie Martin is a collaboration between Marielle de Graaf-Blok and Martin de Boer, two interior designers passionate about antiques, artistic know-how and decoration galore. Luxurious, colorful, and certainly original, the Marie Martin collections will amaze your interior.

At Baroque & Rococo Lausanne you will find an entire room dedicated to their objects, which are thus perfectly highlighted in a colorful and chic environment.

Marie Martin
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