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Our decorations

Find at Baroque & Rococo, a wide selection of decorative objects to perfect your home. Mirrors, accessories, carpets, wall decorations and paintings,...
Everything is there so that you can decorate everything in your image.

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Voglio Bene

Pascal and Bénédicte are qualified photographers. They practiced their profession together for about ten years, then over time and experiences, turned to other applications of photography and especially Photoshop.


From 2012 to 2015, they participated in various markets in the Montpellier region. Bénédicte is becoming known more and more artistically and wants to develop new projects. So, Pascal and she decided to evolve, to test new artistic techniques and created "VOGLIO BENE" in 2020 which is an artistic decoration brand based on Street art.

Voglio bene
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Doing Goods

Bring a little cheerfulness to your home with Doing Goods rugs! An original range of adorable animals that will make you smile every time.

This carpet is handmade in India from 100% wool, with a cotton reverse in respect of the environment and its workers.

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An ex-voto is an object of thanks following a wish granted.

Ex-votos were once offered and deposited in places of worship. These religious objects can take many forms and can be made of many materials: jewelry, thank you plaques, paintings but also, depending on the region and the era, the subjects of thanksgiving: models of boats, embroidery, bridal wreaths ...

Come and discover our selection in our different shops!

Ex voto
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Arts de la table

Find at Baroque & Rococo, a wide selection of tableware to decorate and color your kitchen as you see fit. Plates, dishes, cutlery, salad bowls... You can be sure to find your happiness.

You will also find many objects and items to brighten up your arrangements: vases, sculptures, underplates, ...

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Art de la table
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