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The Perfume Orchestra

The Parfum orchestra was created by Pierre Guguen, musician and perfumer. His most beautiful memories were marked by the dialogue between these two arts. Those unique moments when time stops. Where music and fragrance create the most perfect harmony. He created L'Orchestre Parfum to revive and share these magical emotions. He offers you to wear a song, to listen to a perfume the time of a trip.

Gone in search of the smell of music with the greatest craftsmen & luthiers: Species of guitar wood, trombone brass, kora leathers. Great Noses then associated them with the most beautiful perfume, rose, incense, neroli materials. Finally, talented musicians took care of composing a song for each perfume.

Responsible compositions, fragrances designed in Paris, then manufactured in Grasse from a 100% natural alcohol. Each bottle has been hand-decorated by a Living Heritage Artisan.

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