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Trudon Parfums

"In 1643, a merchant named Claude Trudon arrived in Paris and became the owner of a shop on rue Saint-Honoré. A grocer, he was also a grease or wax merchant and provided his customers with candles for domestic lighting and candles for the parish. 
On the threshold of the reign of Louis XIV, Maître Trudon created a first small family factory that would bear his name and make the fortune of his heirs. His son Jacques in turn became a druggist-waxer and entered the wake of the court of Versailles under the title of apothecary distiller of Queen Marie-Thérèse, wife of the King.

Developed in partnership with renowned perfumers, Trudon perfumes are the subject of special development and care. From the choice of raw materials, to the tests in the Maison's laboratory, (...)  Many stages punctuate the birth of a perfume (...)."

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