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Jasmine Tea Flower Candle 185

Jasmine Tea Flower Candle 185

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In We inspiring of there life of the villages of province, We have created a range of perfumes full-bodied combining THE favoritesofthere pastry shop withof the fruits succulents And of the flowers. THE perfumes of there range Coast Black are inspired of there campaign charentienne idyllic, each scentstriving of capture A portrait of there life traditional French. THE perfumes encompass THE pastries favorites, THE teas scented, THEfruits succulents And THE flowers tempting. He To A scent delicious when he is notnotenlightened And he continue to To issue A scent during allthere duration of there burn. Scent: Tea To there Flower of Jasmine / Flower of At Jasmine

A merger unique of jasmine, of pink musky, hibiscus Andof leaves green crushed. Inspired by there light of sun spotted on A garden To flowers white, This scent aromatic will fill your pieceAnd will capture your sense

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