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Boutique de vêtements
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Our Clothing

Baroque & Rococo now offers a new range of exclusive clothing in our stores in Lausanne and Nyon. The brands we have chosen are created and managed by families, such as Baroque & Rococo. These colourful, original and dynamic creations will meet your desires. In addition, you will also find accessories, such as umbrellas, shoehorns or luxuriously decorated walking sticks.

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An open mind, driven by curiosity and a relentless search for all that is wonderful. With this in mind, Marol Paresi founded Malìparmi in 1977.

Today, driven by the same passion as her mother, Annalisa continues to write the brand's story and shares her values with her daughter Virginia. The free creativity transforms Malìparmi into a world that is always easy to enter, since it is a family A fantastic journey in constant search of craftsmanship, processes, colors and prints to create a universe of clothing and accessories that reveals the unique history of Malìparmi.

Malìparmi's originality lies in lovingly reinterpreting already known objects in order to reinvent them by looking to the future.

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UMBRELLAS, CANES or SHOEHORNS with wonderful composition: fabrics, designs, decorations and handles in particular. In the countryside near Mantua, in Castellucchio, a company continues to produce umbrellas entirely handmade with a brand that will soon celebrate its 68th anniversary: Pasotti. Pasotti stands out for its creativity and not its continual research in terms of materials, all exclusively Italian: enamelled brasses, Swarovski® crystals, precious wood handles, unique decorations.  Let yourself be amazed by the uniqueness of their achievements.

Dessin d'un parapluie rose de Pasotti et une tête de canne flamand-rose de Pasotti
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