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FIVE ROSE - Pink Blush

FIVE ROSE - Pink Blush

SKU: 01-00154

Cote Noire draws inspiration from provincial village life, to create a range of full-bodied flavors combining pastry favorites with luscious fruit and florals.

The perfumes of the Côte Noire range are inspired by the idyllic countrysideCharentonne, each fragrance striving to capture a portrait of traditional French life.

Fragrances encompass smells of pastries, fragrant teas, luscious fruits and tantalizing flowers.

The flowers have been expertly handcrafted and use a special, natural coating to give each petal a life like feel and appearance.

The petals have been infused with a fine fragrance and beautifully packaged in a ribboned Côte Noire box.

Flower color: 

Perfume Fragrance: Rose 

Flower Color: White with a light pink border

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